Boxing King – Exciting Slot Game With Attractive Rewards

Boxing King - Exciting Slot Game With Attractive Rewards

Boxing King not only brings enjoyable moments of entertainment but also helps bettors to win attractive rewards. This game has simple gameplay that allows any member to easily participate. In the following article, 10jili will share detailed information about this discipline along with the common symbols for you to understand.

Getting to Know Boxing King Game

Boxing King is a popular slot game loved by many players. Here is detailed information about this game for members to understand.

Most Popular Slot Game Among Bettors

Although this discipline is newly introduced to the market, it has been well received and chosen to participate by a large number of members. This is because it not only provides excellent experiences for bettors but also allows players to earn huge profits when winning. Especially with modern innovations, the game has many captivating symbols and optimized gameplay for anyone to join.

Exploring the Attraction of Boxing King

It is not by chance that many members choose to experience this online entertainment discipline. Below are some outstanding advantages of the game for bettors to understand.

Getting to Know Boxing King Game
Getting to Know Boxing King Game

Extremely High RTP

In the realm of slot games, Boxing King is considered to have the most attractive payout rate. Therefore, bettors can easily win large rewards when successful. This important feature has attracted players to choose this interesting discipline.

Easy Gameplay for Big Wins

One advantage of this game is its simple participation process. Particularly, the house has introduced many optimized features to help bettors use them easily and increase their chances of winning.

Basic Guide to Playing Boxing King

It is known that this game has a 5×5 interface with 88 ways to win. The theme of the discipline revolves around sports and draws inspiration from boxing games. Thus, the game’s setting is in a large arena with the cheers of the crowd and vivid visual effects. Participants will control the fluctuation and freely decide their own victories and defeats.

The winner is determined when similar symbols appear after spinning, except for the first column counted from left to right. Boxing King has a total of 88 paylines, and the house will transfer the highest winning amount for each line. In case of any issues during the game round, the result will not be counted.

Basic Guide to Playing Boxing King
Basic Guide to Playing Boxing King

Summarizing the Symbols of the Slot Game

When participating in this game, members need to be familiar with common and frequently used images. Here is a compilation of common symbols for players to understand before experiencing this interesting discipline.

Free Game Symbol in Boxing King

This symbol, also known as “Multiplier Elimination,” will be displayed on the corresponding play screen as “x2, x3, x5, x6, x8.” Each time a member eliminates after winning points, it will be multiplied by the current number of free games. It is known that the reward calculation rule of this symbol will be as follows:

  • In the same round, players will “eliminate for the 2nd time” after winning points multiplied will start from X2.
  • In the same round, members “eliminate for the 3rd time” with the multiplier increasing to the next level X3.
  • “Eliminate for the 4th time” with the multiplier increasing to the next level X5.
  • In the same round, “eliminate for the 5th time” with the multiplier increasing to the next level X6.
  • In the same round, “eliminate for the 6th time or more” with the multiplier increasing to the final level X8.

Free Game: Additional Round Symbol in Boxing King

This symbol will frequently appear in the game round when bettors receive “Free Spin,” which will not be eliminated. Instead, they will remain on the play table continuously accumulating until they cannot be eliminated anymore. Members need to base on the accumulated quantity to receive additional free game rounds, and from the next round, the quantity will be reset.

Therefore, each game round will only have 1 “Free Spin” appearing on the play table, with a maximum of 5 appearing. Particularly, the additional round symbol will correspond to the number of free spins received.

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Wild Symbol Popular in Slot Games

With this interesting game title, the Wild symbol can replace any symbol except Scatter and additional round symbols. It is known that in the game, 2-5 Wild columns will appear depending on each member’s gameplay.

Compilation of Symbols in Slot Game
Compilation of Symbols in Slot Game

Scatter Symbol in Boxing King

When participating in this discipline, at least 3 Scatters will appear on the play table during Free Game. According to regulations, all winning points will be equal to bettors’ bets multiplied by 2. And in free games, this symbol will not appear.


Above, live casino 10jili has provided players with basic information about Boxing King game with great appeal, bringing bettors the best entertainment experiences. Especially, we also shared about symbols in the game for you to confidently join this exciting discipline. With all the interesting details above, we hope you now have a better understanding of this game and are ready to participate to receive attractive rewards from the house.

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